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I encourage enquiries from students and postdocs who are interested in joining my research group. I can offer research opportunities in a range of subject areas, including:

  • Human prehistory and evolution (particularly in the Indo-Pacific region)
  • Cultural evolution and co-evolutionary systems
  • Population genetics
  • Demographic modeling and computer simulation
  • Inferential statistics (Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood)
  • Genomics and transcriptomics
  • Fungal comparative genetics and evolution
  • Next generation sequencing technologies

Positions are available for local and international applicants. Enthusiastic undergraduate students are welcome to join my research program. Research training can either be managed via informal internships, or as part of Massey University paper 247.300 (Research in BioSciences).

Massey University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, including dedicated funding for PhD research. Please contact me if you would like to discuss these opportunities.

Postdoc in Computational Fungal Genomics

I am looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow to explore the evolution of genome structure in filamentous fungi. My group is interested in interactions between genome structure and gene expression, epigenetic modification and 3D conformation. A key focus of this postdoc will be on how interactions like these change over evolutionary time. This research program will build on a growing set of genomic data for the genus Epichloë, an increasingly important model system for studying the genome evolution of haploid and polyploid fungi.

The postdoc will be expected to help develop her/his own research program, with an emphasis on addressing novel hypotheses rather than data description. This analytical position requires solid quantitative and computational skills, with the ability to develop and apply new bioinformatic applications to genome analysis. At a minimum, some confidence in bioinformatics and a programming language is required. Training in fungal biology or genomics can be provided as needed, and candidates from non-standard research backgrounds with a clear fit to the position are encouraged to apply.

Funding is guaranteed for two years and three months. Salaries are extremely competitive, starting at NZ$69,000, considerably higher than comparable salaries in the US and Europe. Items considered benefits in some other countries, such as healthcare coverage, are a standard right in New Zealand.

My research group aims to achieve work-life balance within a productive scientific environment. The team is firmly embedded in the international scientific community, with extensive collaborative links to Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States. Ongoing training is a key focus for postdocs. As a computational biology group, I offer a supportive environment for computationally-inclined postdocs to work towards independence. The successful candidate will not be a lone bioinformaticist isolated in a bench biology group.

My group is highly international, and applicants from all countries and backgrounds are actively encouraged to apply. Members of underrepresented groups are welcome, as are postdocs with families.

The position will be based in my computational biology research group at Massey University in the city of Palmerston North, New Zealand. This offers a rare opportunity to experience New Zealand's unique natural and cultural environment, while still undertaking world leading research. Palmerston North, a university town with a large international community, offers a full range of social and cultural amenities. The city is located between mountains and the sea, and presents regular opportunities for hiking, skiing, surfing and adventure sports. It also has a good café scene for those of a more cosmopolitan bent.

For further information, please visit my group's website (http://massey.genomicus.com) and the website of our funder, the Bio-Protection Research Centre (http://bioprotection.org.nz). Please contact me directly if you have any further questions (m.p.cox@massey.ac.nz).

To apply for this position, please upload the following documents at the official Massey University job website: http://massey-careers.massey.ac.nz/10118/postdoctoral-fellow-in-computational-genomics

1. A brief statement of research interests and experience, focusing on short to mid-term career goals.
2. A curriculum vitae, including qualifications and scientific publications.
3. The names and contact details of three referees willing to provide a confidential letter of recommendation upon request.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Saturday 24 February 2018